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“He was the last man alive truly worth killing, the last man whose death would truly make a difference. In today’s world, he was the MAXIMUM TARGET.”


Mission Impossible for three people – a Sartre-reading yakuza, a glamorous American activist, and a North Korean agent.

“A very imaginative and exciting tale about the world’s strangest and most dangerous country.

– Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist

“From yakuza inner circles to the jungles of Mindanao to the Dear Leader’s personal luxury train, heaving with cognac, courtesans and nuclear launch codes, MAXIMUM TARGET is an intelligent journey into Asia’s 21st century heart of darkness with a a master storyteller at the controls.”

– Muhammad Cohen, Asia Times columnist and author of Hong King On The Air

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“Careening manically from one end of East Asia to the other, MAXIMUM TARGET serves up nail-biting political intrigue seasoned with wickedly black humor, in a way that makes run-of-the-mill thriller fiction seem low-brow and amateurish by comparison.”

– Mark Schreiber, Japan Times

“A look into the entrails of the Dear Leader.”

– Christopher Wood, global investment strategist  



“An intelligent, gripping, insightful tale, brimming with energy, color and dry, wicked humor. The author knows his East Asia and he takes you on a wild ride through it, from the rain-soaked malaria infested jungles of Zamboanga, to neon-lit Shinjuku, the Mongolian Steppes and the inner sanctums of Pyonyang – with side stops at gaming tables in Macao, the corporate lairs of Singapore and sinister back alleys of Seoul.  It’s all tied together with fascinating, believeable characters and an ingenious plot – that is more than worth the price of admission alone.  A hell of a book that I wish I’d written.”

– Robert Whiting, author of Tokyo Underworld

“No one else has ever described the North Korean regime so succinctly as when Martin Gower called it a ‘lesson in how cruelty, deceit, and the destruction of human potential could be systematized in the name of equality.’ This novel is replete with such rich insightful descriptions of people and their motives, and grounded in the solid bedrock of critical objective analysis.”

– Chuck Downs, former pentagon official

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